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I can't. I won't be persuaded. I am a firm part of the modern world, unwavering in my faith. By purchasing, you have agreed to the terms and conditions. Before I let you in on my content, a unique soup with meat dumplings, you need to listen to and watch the promotional messages broadcast on all six of my sides. Otherwise, I will not open myself

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According to legend, the devil once fought with a witch. Whether the demon won or not, he certainly knocked some of the witch's teeth out. (That's probably why older hags have so much space in their mouths).

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Sherlockiana: Police Officers

Even though Holmes became the patron of all literary detectives that came after him, he didn't consider himself as one. He thought of himself as a higher form of a sleuth.

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Quote of the Month

"Don't go saying I did it!" said the turtle. "Don't come complaining to me! People who go around making wishes without looking to see what magic beings are listening can just take the consequences!“

— Edward Eager. Magic by the Lake

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How to Properly Feed a Demon

How to Properly Feed a Demon

Twenty-five short short stories for short short breaks. Starring aliens and people, gods as well as demons.


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"Things just happen. What the hell."
* Terry Pratchett. Hogfather


Welcome to my world. For the longest time I couldn’t think of right name for this place, so I left it without one. Amongst things you can find here are attempts of science fiction and fantasy stories, my collection of gods, bogeymen and monsters and also articles about things that had me interested, be it for a while or for years. (There is more of this, sadly not in English but in Czech, on



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